Updated my YNH! blog.

The finished comic is on the blog and here. I rushed it. There was no incentive to try my best. QQ I forgot how to draw legs.


And I messed up on my lizard. Guess I should scrap it. (The mouth is destroyed beyond repair.)

lizard practiceGestures and heads tomorrow. For now, I sleep.



Practiced on values yesterday. And started using water color pencils for a /LAS/ challenge on /ic/ that I missed.

Edit: Also practicing on SAI. Can’t get too rusty now. My stomach hurts so I will stop here for now.



My sibling wants me to complete this, and since it requires putting together small pieces, it will take some time.

I’m taking a while on Week 3 since I’m researching facial planes not covered by Hampton’s videos. Neither is study on skull planes.