Did this for a friend.

Saturation may be off but it’s good practice since I haven’t done digital painting in a while. I’ve been reading and trying to knit/sew.


A week time limit.

I was working on this painting for a contest. I don’t know why I used oils. Anyway, it was good practice. I can finally let it dry property.

It started out fine…
Things got too muddy and dark due to overwork. Oops.

Studying skin, more practice stuff.

From sketch to color. The results…could be better. Lol.

Sketch from a photo.
My attempt to fix it and understand the drawing more, especially the skull underneath. CSP.
Fixed some more and colored. I dotted with the oil painting brush tool. Very strange results. If you step back and squint, it looks better.


Also I was drawing someone from zoom but I couldn’t get her head at the right angle. You know what that means? More skull practice.

Wasn’t my best, need more skull practice.
I also sat down and drew one of my friends. I love this carpenter pencil but darn are the marks light. I think it’s an H or something.
I’m actually surprise that I churned this out in 10 minutes. It doesn’t have much detail but it still looks human, and I think the mouth is actually not too low this time. Have to sleep so I can’t get more portrait practice in today.